We only have one planet. And as fruit growers, we are dependent on nature and the climate. We find it also extremely important to care for nature and, where possible, to make sustainable choices. As stewards, we are responsible for the way in which we manage the earth and pass it on to the following generation(s). Sustainability can mean numerous things. However, it is regularly described as being a ‘fashionable term’ because after it is used nothing happens. Therefore, we consider it important to explain what we understand the term to mean and how we interpret it in what we do.

Solar panels

Our company needs electricity. Not much is required to grow our fruit. It is a different question for our conditioned storage. It takes lots of electricity to cool our fruit. By using solar panels, we are working on sustainability. Therefore, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our cold store, which makes us more or less energy neutral.

Natural crop protection

Our fruit tastes delicious. That is not just the opinion of our customers, lots of insects and organisms think the same. To protect our crops, we use natural crop protection products whenever we can. They are better for the environment than artificial products. Therefore, we restrict the use of artificial crop protection products to the minimum.

We will probably never be in a position to not use artificial crop protection products at all. However, where possible we choose to take a natural approach. Here as well, we are also innovating and experimenting. When growing fruit, we use bees as pollinators. In addition to introducing bee colonies, we are now planting clover and herbs to attract bees. Bees give a better result than just allowing the wind to do its work. To prevent the crops from becoming diseased and damaged, we are pleased to use nature. We use, among other things, ichneumon wasps, predatory mites, ladybirds, earwigs, lacewings and predatory bugs to protect the crops.

Use of residual flows

When growing strawberries under glass, we use an organic culture medium: Coconut substrate. This is a residual product from the coconut. By using this medium we contribute to circular agriculture. Moreover, the coconut fibre is extremely good at regulating the moisture level and is a natural product that is biodegradable.

Ecological balance due to the Circular Agrofood System

We aim to achieve an ecological balance. For us this means that we use as little artificial substances and make as few artificial interventions as possible. We have already mentioned a number of examples of how we do this. We focus on plant health and not - as so often is the case - on maximising the yield. Of course, we aim to grow a large crop, but not at the expense of other considerations. In turn, we use as little artificial fertiliser as possible. On the one hand because natural nutrition is sufficient, and on the other because artificial fertiliser has a negative effect on the environment.

Global G.A.P.

We have a Global G.A.P. Certification. This certification makes it clear that we don’t restrict ourselves to using attractive words, but also practice working sustainably. Global G.A.P. is an internationally recognised norm for agricultural production. For our customers, this means that we meet strict requirements in the area of safe and sustainable cultivation.
> Download our Global G.A.P. certificate here
Freslina Fruits

Freslina Fruits

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