The pear has the seventh position on the list of the most popular types of fruit in the Netherlands. One of the reasons that the pear is a popular fruit is its availability. We can supply pears throughout the year.

Pear varieties

The most popular pear with fruit growers is Conference. This is followed at a distance by Doyenné du Comice. These are also the pear varieties that we grow.

Conference pears

The Conference pear originated in England. This eating pear is rather large and can be stored easily - while retaining its flavour. The Conference pear is characterised by its sweet flavour and juicy structure. And of course, the shape is extremely recognisable. Our Dutch sea climate is perfect for growing Conference pears.

Doyenné du Comice

Although the Doyenné du Comice is an eating pear, it can also be cooked. The pear gives better fruit when it is pollinated with Conference. This explains the combination of these two varieties. With respect to shape, it is a pear variety that is more irregular than Conference, but that is not to the detriment of its flavour. This pear has lots of flavour and is deliciously sweet.

Responsible choice

When growing pears, we treat the plants and the environment as well as possible. Artificial fertiliser is no longer or hardly ever used. In the area of crop protection, as far as possible we make use of the substances that Mother Nature provides. When growing pears, we make full use of the principles of the Circular Agrofood System.

Long season

In addition to growing pears, we also store them under ideal conditions. We use ULO storage to prevent the pears ripening further. We can therefore supply you, as a fruit trader or wholesaler, with delicious pears the whole year round.

Volume trade

Other than for soft fruit, we supply our top fruit in bulk. That has to do with the way in which the fruit is presented in, for instance, shops and on fruit stalls. This offers the maximum flexibility in the way that pears are eventually presented to the consumer.

Want to know about the possibilities?

Our top fruit specialist is Bart Verwoert. Please contact him to discuss the possibilities: +31 (0)6 - 51 885 355.

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Our strawberries

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