Fruit trade

In the area of the fruit trade, we focus on the fruit that we grow ourselves. The different types of fruit have different sales markets. For instance, we see that our soft fruit is shipped further away than our top fruit.

Soft fruit: mainly for export

We grow red currants and cherries on a rather large scale. The majority is traded in Europe, but then outside of the Netherlands. The reason for this is, among other things, the ideal conditions that the Netherlands has for growing cherries and red currants, our most important crops.

When trading soft fruit, we ensure that this is supplied ready for sale. That is to say that: the fruit is already portioned and packed, and is therefore immediately suitable for selling to the consumer. In consultation, it is always possible to supply fruit in different packaging for the same order. For instance, because you supply to different sales points or countries.

Are you as a wholesaler or exporter interested in soft fruit of an excellent quality? Then we would like to come in contact with you. For more information, please contact Wim Verwoert on telephone number +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538. He will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

Top fruit: Mainly traders in the Netherlands

Our apples and pears stay closer to home. When selling top fruit, we mainly focus on wholesalers and fruit traders in the Netherlands. We can supply apples and pears more or less the whole year. By using ULO storage, we can offer the optimum quality and freshness. In principle, we supply top fruit as bulk products.

We are pleased to invite you as a wholesaler or fruit trader to visit us to see for yourself. We will be pleased to discuss the possibilities. Bart Verwoert is your contact person. He can be contacted on +31 (0)6 - 51 885 355.

These are the reasons for you to choose Verwoert Fruit

We are a family business with around 50 years of experience. We always do business on a personal level. The lines are extremely short, as they should be in a family business. However, we also make a number of promises:

  • Fruit is only supplied as a fresh product.
  • A deal is a deal. That is how we maintain our and your reputation.
  • We grow our fruit as sustainably as possible, using a minimum of crop protection products and artificial fertiliser.
  • Our diverse range of varieties ensures the optimum length of the season, with respect to cultivation and availability.
  • We grow fruit focusing on quality (flavour), not quantity.
  • Because we also offer conditioned storage and packaging, we are extremely flexible with respect to deliveries.
Fruit trade
Our strawberries

Our strawberries

Thanks to the smart choice of varieties, our strawberries are available from mid-May to August. In some years you can even enjoy our tasty strawberries until the end of September.
Our strawberries
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