We are Verwoert Fruit, pleased to meet you. We specialise in growing fruit, the conditioned storage of fruit and the fruit trade. We grow our red currants, cherries, strawberries, apples and pears in the most sustainable way possible. Our customer base consists mainly of wholesalers, exporters and fruit traders that operate in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have now grown into a company occupying 22 hectares. It is in the hands of the third Verwoert generation. In the same way as for many family businesses, we started small.

How it all started

Verwoert Fruit’s story begins in the 1970’s. In this period, the parents of the current owners started by selling fruit door to door. At the time, grandfather Verwoert had a fruit farm growing apples, pears and plums. This combination was the start of the company that it now is.

Towards one company and expansion

In the 1990’s, the fruit farm and the sales activities merged. To be able to manage the growth, Bart, a son, started working for the company. He was later followed by the other son Wim. In 2007, a small fruit farm was bought that grew berries, blackberries and strawberries.

To be able to also meet the local consumer demand, in 2009 a fruit dispenser was installed at Liniestraat 1 in Ochten. Here consumers can purchase fresh fruit throughout the year.

Conditioned storage

As time passed, the Verwoert Fruit’s operation steadily grew. But what the customers wanted also changed. As time passed, there was an increasing demand for temporary, conditioned fruit storage. There was also a growth in the need to repackage fruit, from bulk packaging to the eventual packaging that would be sold from stalls or by supermarkets.

Therefore in 2011, the cold store facility was realised. A large number of cold stores were built that can be individually controlled. After all, this is the only way that the optimum flavour of different types of fruit can be arranged. Both ULO storage (for top fruit) and CA storage (for soft fruit) are offered.


In 2019, an additional sales point was created to meet the consumer demand. This type of customer can purchase fruit not only from Liniestraat 1 in Ochten, but also from the fruit stall at Cuneraweg 3a in Ochten. A fruit stall is located there in June and July that sells fruit from the orchard. Here products including cherries, red currants, strawberries, gooseberries and blackberries can be bought.
Available all year

Available all year

On the list of the most popular types of fruit in the Netherlands, we find the pear in place 7. One of the reasons why the pear is a popular piece of fruit is its good availability. We can supply pears throughout the year.
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