Fruit has a limited storage time. This time can be influenced by conditioning the atmosphere in which it is stored. Top fruit, including apples and pears, are often stored under ULO conditions. We store soft fruit, including cherries and (red currants) berries, using a more comprehensive storage method: CA storage.

What is CA storage?

The letters C and A in CA storage stand for Controlled Atmosphere. As with ULO storage, here as well the temperature and oxygen level are kept at a stable and ideal level. CA storage goes a step further. The carbon dioxide and ethylene levels can also be influenced.

As a grower, we are well aware of the vulnerability of soft fruit. Therefore, we didn’t just choose an installation, but a system that is calibrated every week. This allows us to store your fruit under the best possible conditions. We can set the conditions, not only for the store itself but for each individual pallet.

Would you like to know more? Wim Verwoert will be pleased to talk to you. He can be contacted on +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538.

What is CA storage used for?

CA storage is mainly used to store soft fruit. Storing, for instance, cherries and red currants/ berries under ideal conditions ensures that the fruits remain fresh longer. The result is an extension of the sales season, without the use of chemical products. In general, CA storage is said to double or quadruple the length of time the fruit can be stored.

For instance, CA storage can extend the cherry season by six weeks without this having a negative effect on the flavour and quality of the fruit.

Flexibility is the magic word

We are extremely flexible with respect to CA storage. Whether this concerns the conditions or the volumes. This means that increasingly more growers are contacting us to store their goods under CA conditions between them being picked and packaged. In addition to the ability to condition an entire cold store, we also offer the opportunity to do this on a smaller scale. We can store different pallets under individual conditions in a cold store. Ideal for those who want to sell small batches.

CA storage: storage and transhipment

CA storage can also be an excellent solution for a short period, for instance, for storage and transhipment. It puts you in the position to supply a large crop in smaller batches to, for instance, your stalls, markets or the supermarket that you supply.

A nice example of this is the import of, for instance, blue berries. Various wholesalers and purchasing organisations use our facilities to store their large batches of, often imported, products under CA storage conditions. These products are then supplied in smaller batches to the sales points.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Are you interested in what we can offer you? Then please contact Wim Verwoert. He will be pleased to talk to you and can be contacted on +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538.

Advantages of CA storage

Undoubtedly you can think of a number of advantages based on the information here. Even so, we are pleased to list the most important ones for you:

  • Flexible storage: also suitable for small(er) volumes
  • You extend the availability - and therefore your sales season
  • Minimising loss of product due to storage conditions
  • Reduce the time and price pressure when selling your fruit
  • Optimum flavour and freshness
Available all year

Available all year

On the list of the most popular types of fruit in the Netherlands, we find the pear in place 7. One of the reasons why the pear is a popular piece of fruit is its good availability. We can supply pears throughout the year.
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