Delicious Dutch red cherries. Delightfully sweet and just slightly mysterious. Little is known of their origins. The Dutch expression ‘the cherry on the cake’ says it all: cherries are delicious and healthy as well. Cherries are seasonal products. The season begins around June.

Cherry varieties

To be able to enjoy cherries for as long as possible, we choose to grow different varieties. For instance, we grow a lot of Merchant. This early-ripening variety provides large, dark, juicy cherries with a fantastic, sweet flavour. Kordia is another variety that we grow. It ripens a few weeks later. The cherries have the same appearance as Merchant. The variety is also known for its rich, aromatic flavour. Moreover, it can also be stored well. When stored under CA conditions, the cherries can be kept for 6-8 weeks longer.

Flavour of the cherries

The flavour of the cherries is our starting point. Not only in the choice for varieties, but also in how they are grown. We prefer to have a smaller, higher quality crop than large volumes. With respect to flavour, we regularly experiment with new cherry varieties. We do that on a small scale, so that we can find out how a cherry tree develops under our conditions. Of course, the flavour of the cherries plays a crucial role here as well.

Plant health and sustainable cultivation

Healthy plants produce quality fruits. A healthy plant starts with sustainable cultivation. And that we do our best to achieve. We plant new trees according to the Swiss system, at an angle of 45 degrees. This means that we are not limited by the height of the (rain) cover. The tree can develop instead of it being artificially limited in height. The use of crop protection products and artificial fertiliser is also limited as far as possible. Moreover, we use bees to pollinate the blossom. We attract them by sowing clover and herbs in the paths between the trees.

Do you think that you would like our cherries?

We not only grow cherries, we also trade them. For you as a customer, we ensure that you don’t need to be concerned with things like storage and packing. After the harvest, we store our cherries under CA conditions, so that we can be more flexible with respect to delivery time. We supply our cherries packed. In consultation with you, we determine the desired packaging, taking into account different brands or languages. We tailor the packaging to your specific situation.

Are you a wholesaler, fruit trader or exporter looking for delicious Dutch cherries? Then we would like to come in contact with you. For more information, phone Wim Verwoert. He can be contacted on +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538.

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Available all year

Available all year

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