Red currants

Our red currants don’t only look great, they taste wonderful as well. Dependent on the season and the variety, the flavour is freshly acidic to sweet/sharp. Incidentally, red currants not only taste great, they are also very healthy.

Red currants & the Netherlands: a perfect combination

There are few countries where red currants can be grown so well. This is because the red currant needs sufficient winter chill and cannot cope well with hot temperatures. In the Netherlands, we have a climate that meets these requirements. The temperature is rarely extremely hot and we have sufficient cold periods in the winter. Therefore, an ideal climate for growing red currants.

Maybe that is the reason that a large proportion of the red currants that we grow are exported.

Optimum length of season

We can supply our red currants throughout the year. On the one hand because of the possibilities we have to keep the currants fresh in CA storage. On the other, it is because our choice of varieties plays an important role.

One of the varieties that we grow is Junifer. It is a variety that is suitable for growing unprotected outdoors. That is why we grow this variety in the greenhouse, but then in the ground. Another variety we grow is Rovada. This variety is seen as one of the best varieties currently available. In particular its flavour makes it an excellent choice. An additional advantage is that these red currant varieties do not ripen at the same time. That extends the season. Junifer is picked starting at the end of May. Rovada ripens later, meaning that it starts to be harvested in August.

Red currants: it’s about the flavour

Flavour is paramount for everything we grow. Therefore, that is also the case for our red currants. We prefer to aim for a good flavour and a slightly lower yield than the other way round. The choice of varieties also reflects this principle. For instance, there are certain varieties that we don’t grow because of their flavour. We supply top quality red currants that stand out because of their flavour.

From cultivation to packaging

It all starts with the cultivation of our red currants. But it doesn’t stop there. After being picked, we ensure that they are stored in a conditioned environment (CA storage). When the time to deliver the red currants arrives, they are neatly packed in their consumer packaging. We agree the details together with you. For instance, you might supply to different sales channels that have different demands. Or, for instance, you supply to multiple countries (and languages). Whatever the problem you face, together we will find suitable packaging.

Shall we get to know each other?

We would be pleased to meet you to answer any questions you have. Of course, we will also see how we can optimally meet your needs.

Shall we get to know each other? Phone Wim Verwoert. He can be reached on +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538.
Red currants

The advantages for you as a fruit trader or wholesaler

  • We supply fruit the entire year
  • We grow our fruit for its flavour, not for the volume
  • Sustainable growing, with the minimum of artificial fertiliser and crop protection products
  • Supplied in the packaging you desire
  • Guaranteed fresh

Do you wanna know more about our red currants?

We are happy to inform you.
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Available all year

Available all year

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