In addition to growing soft fruit, we also ensure that it is correctly packed. When you as a fruit trader supply to multiple sales channels, we can provide different packaging. This allows our products to be supplied to the sales channel without further work being needed.

Everything in our own hands

We pack or repack (soft) fruit ourselves. This makes us a flexible link in the chain from growing to consumption. When you supply multiple labels or to multiple sales channels/ countries, we adjust the packaging to suit. Different packaging per delivery is no problem either.

Your advantages

Although you can pack or repack our delicious fruit yourself, there are a number of important advantages if you let us do it. We are pleased to list some of them:

  • You prevent unnecessary time loss due to additional handling
  • You reduce the risk of transport damage
  • It saves a lot of time arranging and working
  • We are equipped to do it. That is efficient
  • You prevent unnecessary transport movements and costs
  • We arrange the conditioned storage between the harvest and packing.

Are you searching for the most efficient and sustainable path from plant to sales point? We are at your service. For more information, please contact Wim Verwoert on telephone number +31 (0)6 - 53 436 538. We will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.
Available all year

Available all year

On the list of the most popular types of fruit in the Netherlands, we find the pear in place 7. One of the reasons why the pear is a popular piece of fruit is its good availability. We can supply pears throughout the year.
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