The average Dutch person eats more than 10 kg of apples a year. This makes the apple the most popular fruit in the Netherlands. In our apple orchard, we grow Delbare and Elstar apples.

Delbare apples

These apples are actually called Delcorf, but are sold in the shops as Delbare. This name is not so strange. It is the name of the farm that first developed the variety. That happened in the 1960’s. This apple variety is a cross between Stark Jon Grimes and the renowned Golden Delicious. They are rather large apples with crisp flesh. The Delbare apple is a deliciously fresh apple with a sweet/sharp flavour.

Elstar apples

The Elstar apple is redder than the Delbare. An important similarity with the Delbare is its origin. It is a Dutch apple variety that originated in the 1950’s. It is also a Golden Delicious cross. Elstar is a cross of Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie. Elstar is in any case the most popularly grown apple in the Netherlands. The apple is not only an eating apple, it is also extremely suitable for use in compote, applesauce and apple juice. At a distance of about 30 kilometres from where Elstar was developed (in Elst, NL), we carefully and skilfully grow this delicious apple variety.

Sustainable apple growing

We strive to grow our apples in the most sustainable way possible in accordance with the principles of the Circular Agrofood System. Therefore, we focus not so much on achieving the largest possible crop, but more on flavour and plant health. In a natural way we achieve the best result. That also applies to the way that we protect our crops. When we use crop protection products, we use biologically based products where possible. But we prefer to use natural methods.

Apples for wholesalers and the fruit trade

We mainly supply our apples to wholesalers and fruit traders in the Netherlands. We can supply you with fresh, ripe and tasty apples throughout the year. This is because after the harvest in September, we store our apples under ULO conditions. That halts the ripening process without it affecting the flavour of the apples. The apples are stored in our own cold stores. That has the advantage that we are extremely flexible with respect to delivery time.

Because there is no limit to what you can do with our apples, we supply them in bulk.

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