Not all fruit is supplied to sales points immediately after being harvested. Therefore, we can provide conditioned storage. ULO storage is a common method used to store top fruit (in our case: apples and pears) under optimum conditions. Do you want to store soft fruit? See the information on CA storage.

What is ULO storage?

The term ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen. It halts the ripening process when the products are being stored. We do that by, the term ULO says it all, lowering the oxygen level. In addition to the oxygen level, the temperature is also brought to the optimum level. Through intelligent automation, we ensure that we the continually monitor the conditions and keep them optimal.

What is ULO storage used for?

We use ULO storage to store top fruit. We do that not just for the apples and pears that we grow ourselves, but increasingly often for other growers and traders. Are you looking for ULO storage? Then we would be pleased to invite you to discuss the possibilities. For more information, please phone Bart Verwoert, on +31 (0)6 - 51 885 355. Our knowledge and experience will be available to you.

Advantages of ULO storage

ULO storage ensures stable conditions. The temperature and oxygen level are the important factors. But what are the advantages for you? We are pleased to list them:

  • Longer storage of apples and pears
  • Reduces loss of crop
  • Possibility for you to supply fresh fruit throughout the year
  • Less trouble from price pressure (then you just sell your products later)
  • Flavour and freshness guaranteed

ULO storage for storage and transhipment

Apples and pears are often harvested or supplied (when imported) in bulk. In general, the entire batch is not sold immediately. Often it is supplied in smaller batches. Due to the flexible possibilities we offer, you can call on us for the temporary storage and transhipment of your fruit.
Freslina Fruits

Freslina Fruits

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Freslina Fruits
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