In the Netherlands, strawberries are sometimes called ‘zomerkoninkje’, the summer king. The Latin name is Fragaria, which can be translated as ‘fragrance’. Incidentally, not without reason. Nearly everybody recognises the sweet aroma of a carefully grown strawberry. You can smell them from a great distance. Unfortunately, in practice we see that growers are sometimes so focused on producing volume and a quick crop that the strawberries cannot be smelled. Here we are pleased to be different.

Our strawberries: Flavour as the starting point

A good flavour starts by choosing the correct varieties. The moment that the fruits are harvested is also very important. We often see that strawberries are picked too early. The advantage of doing this is that they can be kept longer, but it is to the detriment of the flavour. Therefore, we pick our strawberries later. At the moment that they are optimally ripe - and therefore have a good flavour. You can taste the difference.

By carefully selecting the varieties, our strawberries are available from mid-May through August. In some years, you can even enjoy the taste of our strawberries until the end of September.

Sustainable cultivation

Our strawberries are grown in greenhouses. With respect to flavour, this gives just as good results as when the plants are grown out of doors. An important advantage is that we are less dependent on the weather conditions. Our strawberries grow on a bed of coconut fibre (coconut substrate). This is made from coconut husks. The husks are considered to be a residual flow or waste product and we understand how to use it. An important advantage here is the optimal moisture management.

As with other fruit, the strawberry is a crop that requires crop protection products. We use natural products where possible. We control red spider mites by using the predatory mite. To control aphids, we use ichneumon wasps. To protect our strawberries, we use, where possible, natural enemies and biological crop protection products.

Our strawberries can be bought from our fruit dispenser and fruit stall.

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Our strawberries

Our strawberries

Thanks to the smart choice of varieties, our strawberries are available from mid-May to August. In some years you can even enjoy our tasty strawberries until the end of September.
Our strawberries
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