Fruit stall

Our sales locations offer a variety of fresh fruit. Of course, the availability of fruit changes during the season. With only the occasional exception, we only sell the fruit that we grow ourselves. We do that to be able to guarantee excellent flavour. In addition, you can be sure that we grow our fruit in the most sustainable way possible.

The fruit that we grow is recognisable due to our own trademark: Freslina Fruits. This can be clearly seen on the packaging.

Fruit stall: Cuneraweg 3a, Ochten

The address of our fruit stall is Cuneraweg 3a, also in Ochten. In June, July and August we sell cherries, strawberries, blue berries, red currants, blackberries and raspberries here straight from the orchard. Apples and pears are not sold here. Fortunately, our fruit dispenser is located not far from the fruit stall.

Our sales location on the Cuneraweg 3a is open in June and July. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening.
Fruit stall
Available all year

Available all year

On the list of the most popular types of fruit in the Netherlands, we find the pear in place 7. One of the reasons why the pear is a popular piece of fruit is its good availability. We can supply pears throughout the year.
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